Plastic Blu Ray Anion Sanitizer Spray Gun

৳ 6,000

Product Specification

Body Material: Plastic
Air Pressure: <30 psi
Product Type: Blu Ray Anion
Usage/Application: For Sanitization/Disinfection purpose
Weight: 1.3kg
Cup Capacity: 260 ml
Power Consumption :1200watt
Voltage: 240V



Based on the principle of superheated steam, produced by 3.3 atmospheric pressure, the sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into superheated gaseous molecule (140 degree, 0.26nm in diameter). It achieves a good effect on hairdressing for hot-oiling, curls ,dye and haircut, by penetrating hair follicles, it’s also helpful to sterilize air with 84 disinfectant




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