Atomization Disinfectant Fogger Machine

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৳ 10,000

Item Specifications:

Appearance color: white
Power: 1500 W
Voltage: 200V
Smoke output: 2000 cu.ft / min
Oil tank volume: 100 ml
Warm-up time: 3 minutes
Packing size: 37 * 24 * 37cm
Weight: 3.7 kg



Working principle:
Indoor atomization and antimicrobial (atomization machine) The use of non-steam dry smoke to disinfect the ingredients to the car has a smell of the part. Which play a decomposition of odor, sterilization deodorant effect. And with a scent to purify the air.

Automatically smoke, the bike to purify the smoke 5-8 minutes, and then open the car within 10 minutes after the smoke adsorption is completed, and then open the door to feel healthy and fresh air.

2 reviews for Atomization Disinfectant Fogger Machine

  1. Raaz

    This is asesome

  2. Md. Shahidullah

    This product is really good but price is high.

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